• Horizontal Centrifugal Casting Machine with J517
  • Horizontal Centrifugal Casting Machine with J517

Horizontal Centrifugal Casting Machine With J517

The structure of cantilever centrifugal casting machine is horizontal. It is made up of engine, electric control system, water cooling system, hydraulic ejector mechanism and Safety protection cover. It can be widely used in large diameter sleeve and cylinder castings production.

1 The engine consists of the base, turntable, adjustable-speed motor, bearing pedestal, main axis, driving gear and ejector system.

2 Engine is the core component of cantilever centrifugal casting machine. The engine makes the turntable rotate,which completes the centrifugal casting.The mold is fixed on the turntable. The main axle’s speed is stepless adjustable.So it meets technical requirements of casting with different diameter.

3 Hydraulic ejector mechanism comprises hydraulic unit, ejector oil cylinder and ejector rod. The ejector oil cylinder drives the ejector rod put out of the casting. The ejector rod is in the middle of main axis.

4 The cooling system includes two parts. The one is mold and casting cooling, another is main shaft bearing cooling. In order to improve the work environment, the water of mold and casting cooling system will be recycling by channel.

5 The mold rotates with turntable driving by AC variable frequency motor.The frequency motor has widely speed range and smooth running.So it meets production process with different castings.

6 Electric control system consists of PLC,HMI,variable-frequency drive,control cabinet and low voltage electrical components.

7 The engine equips safety protection cover, which ensures safety in production.

Technical specification

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